What causes change of opinion between the two people working in valuation?

That BVPIs should in normal circumstances be specified for sufficient time to generate a pattern of year-on-year data; That the Government should create as much synergy as possible between its various policy initiatives for local government, for example between the National PSA for Local Government and best value; That effective indicators of broad outcome, which reflect partnership working between best value authorities and other stakeholders, must be developed as quickly as possible.

The changes coming throughout the process of valuation are always a must to occur in the entire process. After getting a brief idea of all the needs of people a person can very easily go for what  all posts are completely essential and prior to the needs of the clients that have been coming. We believe that the changes proposed for the coming year will, when finalised, make a sound contribution to the quest for greater coherence and stability, particularly in the way that the Government sets targets for local government.

We are proposing to no longer require metropolitan district councils to measure and report on BV102 -Passenger Journeys per year on Local Buses. In addition to this indicator, we are proposing to set the PTAs a number of corporate health indictors that assess the health and capacity of these organisations. The requirement to deliver 2% efficiency gains through best value is also a fundamental requirement of the PSA process.

Every person uses different ways of working in the entire process of Valuations SA and the difference of opinion occurring between two people can many times lead to various types of problems for the people working in it. This has been a source of confusion and we are anxious to ensure that a practical means of assessing this is available, both for authorities themselves and for Inspectors and external auditors. Research commissioned by the Government has focussed on using a broad basket of BVPIs and other contextual information to find a qualitative methodology for assessing cost effectiveness.

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