The property valuation process is easy to perform process

Firms like Strutt & Parker can assist by producing Deer Management Plans. By taking proper advice, deer control in woodlands can be successfully integrated into the overall management plan of an estate, maximising financial returns and increasing both the heritage value and the owner’s enjoyment of the property. And this can be done by the carelessness of the property valuer who has no idea to do the process and also have no idea to manage the full process of property valuation.

The Scottish Forestry Grant Scheme is already proving very popular and its introduction this summer has coincided with a new guide on stalking best practice by the Deer Commission for Scotland. Mr Kennedy believes both show a welcome new emphasis on woodland stewardship, which will have a number of important economic spin-offs for rural areas, including increased demand for contract stalkers and other services.

Scotland now has the greatest level of afforestation for over 300 years, with many woodlands now restocked after extensive felling during World War I. Managing this resource well will be important for the economic livelihood of the countryside. The SFGS includes tree-planting grants for the improvement of both farmland and riverside landscapes as well as support for establishing well-designed productive forests and restocking existing ones.

Leading land and farm management consultants Strutt & Parker and expert conservation advisors FWAG in Scotland have joined forces to offer farmers and land owners a quality service under the recently announced Whole Farm Review Scheme. The pilot Whole Farm Review Scheme, operated by SEERAD, opens on 1st October and offers grants of up to 90% of the cost (capped at £1,600) to undertake a full farm business review.

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