Is the process of valuation related with giving the very best outcomes to people in terms of property?

If you are interested in participating, contact Madeleine Hill (Resident  Involvement Officer) on the number given below. These events will be organised alongside local events and so, for example,  in Tower Hamlets the event will coincide with the Brick Lane “Mela”. In other  Boroughs, we will find out what functions they are having and Newlon will  arrange to run a stand or marquee along with the festivities. As we live in a very cosmopolitan city, we would be delighted to taste dishes from  around the world.

The process of valuation helps a person in getting the very best and required outcomes. Things are made after seeing the various types of needs and budgets of the people.  Newlon will be prepared to support this by providing the  payment for those who are prepared to bring food from their country of origin. The Consumer Panel were surveyed and residents wanted a higher  quality service compared with what they are getting now. The Agreement that  Newlon will sign up to with the new contractor will take into account the quality  of works promised and not just the price quoted.

Diversity issues were another concern to residents on the Consumer Panel;  again, the Agreement will seek to employ local workmen who have knowledge of  the local community and, where necessary, arrange for interpreters for those  who do not have English as their first language. The Limehouse and Stepney Residents’ Association has been up  and running for almost two years. The Association has been successful in acting on complaints about  traffic issues and, as a result, important safety measures are to be  introduced in the area.

West Coast Valuers Special care of the various types of needs of the people is seen and things according to its requirement are planned in the entire process which results in giving the very best and required outcomes to the people as per their necessities and as per their requirements. Things and plans are made strategy wise and its entire working is conducted after seeing the requirements and needs of the people as per their need and as per their requirement. A14 year-old local resident, Joshua Syke, has  been nominated for a “Spotlight” Community Service Award for his  participation within the group. Last summer, two Family Fun Days were held at the Toc H Hall,  where Newlon’s Community Project Officer, Rachel Fairbairn, held  a consultation with local people about youth facilities.

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