Top Tips With Property Valution

I can maximize my dollars per hour I canit’s just it’s possible to do more volume because you’re notout my car you’re not  inspections are not so we all these things like you saidyouyou leave in place systems around the idea of taking a listing soyou’ve really been able to leverage that thing for I me what i think is a megabusiness %uhthere’s a lot of folks in the audience probably would sit there and go I just Ican’t even envision myselfgetting to having  transactions this yearcan you talk just a little bit sir my about the the mindset going fromin your trucking.


I think by most standards to dowhat he said  deals for first-yearyeah I was so I had a interesting perspective when I started cuz I toldyou as a loan officerI was licensed as a real estate agent for some timeand happen lol I did a lot of marketing I and II which hadbuyers and I was handing off to my real estate agents can investit like your some leads for you guys and the back to mein  I realized that if I just got my role state licenseI sold those buyers on nights and weekends like make more moneyso from  for  public  I get between  and  by sideyour.

I in addition to being a full time lol slaps I call that nightweekends so why I know that as an individual agent you can hit the ceilingaround  to  euros a year Ievery feeling all that different minds pretty low I know thatthere’s a lotta really good a chance after that deals here with no system they’re just working like machinesbut you realize that what you were could probably do that yet no I didn’t wanna.

I didn’t want to invest the time to do that I’mand that’s we’re getting the right people on the bus is the key is thatthe gap were messages get stock if they look at a few hundred a yearand a million dollars in income or whatever those numbers are and the campsthe the bridge that gets me from okay how do I get myfirst listing I’m how to get my stick and the real key there honestly isdon’t just quit thinking about go get your first instinct and then as soon asyou get that one tooeach immediately.